“To learn to dream again is to have big plans. 

To learn to dream again is to re-adjust, to look to God.” 

T.B. Joshua

Thank you for standing with us and believing that through dance, we can help over 80 girls from our community establish firm and confident identities in who God made them to be.

We genuinely believe that through it, over time, we can change their destinies so they can become active, contributing members of our society who will bless their communities in turn.

Looking back at 2021, it was a year full of challenges, but also a year where we saw some dreams come true.

Keeping the momentum

“To learn to dream again is to re-adjust, to look to God”

  • Pure Hope had to close 2 weeks before the official lockdown during the Delta variant due to a Covid outbreak, which caused it to be almost 2 months since we had seen the girls. It was such a highlight to see each other and celebrate our health in general when returning in the third term.
  • We were invited to be a part of Doxa Deo Parkview’s ReFrame Arts Exhibition in the Parkview Shopping Center. We also performed with their dance ministry at their Heritage Day service and it was wonderful to celebrate our heritage in Christ together with so many other cultures on that day.
  • Since 2020 two of our students have had the amazing opportunity to become members of the Youth Dance Company of Tshwane. This exposure has given them professional experience, great dedication and a hunger and love for dance like never before, which has had a ripple effect on some of the other students in our program as well. The YDCT @The Ballet in studio performances, which, sadly, like many other events, was postponed from July to November 2021, but was a huge success when it finally happened. The students were excited to form part of the corps de ballet in the first act of Cinderella as well as a vibrant African Ballet piece and a Jazz piece choreographed by Jeannette Zaidy. 
  • We ended off the year on a high note with our production of A Timber Town Tale on 4 December. It was quite the exercise in being flexible with a last minute emergency venue change, but the girls did incredibly well to adapt. It is a highlight of the year to see the enjoyment and confidence of the girls, however, it was also a bittersweet goodbye to the Grade 7-9 girls who will all be going to various different high schools from 2022 onwards. 

Bitter-sweet goodbyes

  • Earlier this year, we received the news that the Pure Hope high school will close at the end of 2021 due to unforeseen circumstances. It is with heavy hearts that we have had to say goodbye to the high school girls – some of which have been part of our ROHO family for almost 10 years.

What to do and where to now… 

“To learn to dream again is to have big plans…”

  • As a board, we decided that it is part of our mission to help the girls who would like to pursue a career in dance. Two of our girls successfully auditioned for admission at Pro-Arte School of the Arts for 2022. This was very exciting news, but of course this would mean school fees that would be too high for their parents to be able to cover… 
  • Romans Pizza and Jacaranda’s Good Morning Angels jumped in to not only cover their school fees for the year, but also contributed additional funds for their school attire and other related necessities. We are so thankful and excited to see these ladies embrace this opportunity. 
  • As for the other ladies…we send them out into their new schools with a thankful heart, knowing that we have had the privilege to see them grow as ladies, strong in not only dance technique, but character and identity.

And Voila, your busy body is uninjured and ready to dance excellently in her exam!

Dance Dream Holiday Workshop

During the October school holidays, we held our first ever Dance Dream Holiday Workshop in collaboration with the Youth Dance Company of Tshwane at Pro-Arte’s dance studios in which 8 of the ROHO girls participated and had a first-hand experience of what a professional dance environment looked like. 

  • How did we choose the 8 girls? By holding a Choreography Competition in which those interested had to choreograph and perform their own 1 minute piece, which was judged by guest teachers. This way we inspired their creativity and saw who is willing to put in the effort towards their dreams
  • It was our first official fundraiser as a registered PBO organisation and we would like to thank everyone who supported this workshop, as well as the nine teachers who shared their time and expertise to make it such a memorable experience. For us this workshop is a great success and dream come true to be able to expose our students to a dance environment of this calibre.

Identity curriculum

  • This year we started implementing our identity curriculum that runs parallel with the dance curriculums. It has really helped us be more intentional with our time with them and to help the girls establish their identities in who God made them to be.  
  • We have also continued with termly events to help equip them to build better relationships with others, God and themselves so that they can face life outside the program with confidence and influence, as dancers or simply as women in our society.  
  • We covered many wonderful topics with them, including leadership, humility and what it really means to be strong and competent young people. 

We certainly consider the term-end we held on 30 September at Revive Cafe, a huge success. This was to reward the 80 students for their discipline and hard work throughout the term, as well as to remind them of the ‘worth‘ aspect of their identities. Busi Roberts, a former Mrs. Pretoria and founder of The Apple of His Eye ministries told them about her personal journey, highlighting that where you start off in life, does not have to be your end destination. We know it inspired them to dream and showed them ways in which their faith and dreams can also bless others. Thank you to each partner and contributor who made this event possible.

  • We have recently launched our new website, so should you wish to know more about the vision behind ROHO or if you would like to partner to become an investor in this project … this is the place to go… www.rhythmofhopeoutreach.org

    Until next time… thank you so much for taking precious time to check up on us. Being accountable to you helps us for the better in so many ways!

    Have a blessed holiday season and we look forward to an exciting 2022!

“Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted,

    but by the mouth of the wicked it is destroyed.”

Prov 11:11 NIV

May all the blessings you experience and hope for, change your city for the better!