A good musical rhythm gets people moving, providing them with hope and perseverance. Since 2012 it has been our mission to provide this same gift to as many people as possible, enabling them to be a blessing to others as well.
This dream was birthed out of seeing how an impoverished community established itself in a suburb community, right next to a church. At a young age, our founder, Talitha, felt it was important for the church to get involved in this community, so these people could experience Christ’s love first hand.

In time, on a Performing Arts Mission to Mozambique at an orphanage there, the children begged her to teach them to dance. She asked God for confirmation if this was part of her calling. She knew God was stirring in her heart to bring the beauty of dance to broken worlds when Micheala de Prince’s story was on the prime time news upon arrival back in South Africa. The outreach program started with 6 students at Pure Hope Primary and has grown to reach over 90 outreach students over the years.

Our profit generating sister studio also developed from this dream in 2013, as it first started providing adult ballet classes during a time when ballet classes were mainly available to juniors. It also provided (and still provides) our outreach program with a constant source of income to help cover small ongoing needs in our non-profit leg. Later, in 2017, with the gradual development of our vision to be more intentional around developing identity through dance, we felt we’d like to offer the similar dance opportunities to junior students from other/privileged neighbourhoods. We also see this as a way to develop more unity between very diverse groups of our society in a small way over time.
We dream of seeing a young generation of girls, from various different backgrounds, rise up as healthy women with vision, confidence and compassion, willing to use their unique gifts as instruments to bless and make a difference in their communities. We aim to use their dance journeys to achieve this.

If you are also seeing what we see with regards to the future of our country, click here to see the many ways you can get involved to help see this vision come to pass!