By Leria Maneschijn

This year meant a tremendous amount to me as an individual. I was able to meet
new people that had a huge impact on my life. I was able to do something a bit
out of my comfort zone. I have also learned a lot. It was literally a dream come
true to be able to teach ballet, but more importantly to have a positive impact on
so many people’s lives.

I have grown in my personal life, my ballet knowledge and abilities as well as my
relationship with God. I have a lot more confidence and sense of self worth. I also
have a much better understanding of my identity and purpose in life. As an RAD
trained ballet student, exposure to the Cecchetti and Russian methods were
a big challenge, but definitely worth it to broaden my knowledge in the craft. I
have learnt a remarkable amount about the Bible and Christianity and I was able
to incorporate these more into my daily life, which in turn helped me in so many
other areas of my life.

Being able to just have had this experience is a highlight for me in itself. One of
my favourite highlights was the first training weekend of the internship. getting to
know the whole team over the course of two days was amazing. We went on a
hike and received in depth anatomy and admin training which was a great way to
kick off the year.

I really enjoyed working with the children, as well as working and getting
mentored by the whole team. Another highlight was my mid-year intern exam. I
loved having the opportunity to show what I’ve learnt and receiving positive and
constructive feedback in return. Having the opportunity to choreograph and teach
one of the dances for the end-year show also has me very excited for the last
part of the year!

If, like me, you also want to have this experience of a lifetime, you can find more
info about next year’s internship program here: Stage Coach Internship Info & Applications 2022 (