As part of our value of empowering our members, we would like to help you learn some of the basic skill sets required for a career in dance or theater. Therefore, we launched a series of videos on our youtube channel and this article is based on one of these ( How to make a Proper Ballet Bun: 

It is advised that the dancers start doing it on their own from the age of 10. In the beginning it will take time to get used to it, but as time passes, it will get easier to do it. 

When professionals dance on stage, they need their hair to be out of their face, especially when dancing demanding roles that require a lot of turns or dancing with a partner. We therefore encourage dancers from a very young age to tie their hair out of their faces. When we have a proper ballet bun, we can focus on our dancing without any distractions. We also encourage them to make a proper bun for class as well, not just for a performance or an exam. This helps them to really concentrate and focus on what is being done in class (and it is a great way to practise making a proper bun for the exams or performances). 

You will need:

  • A comb
  • A hairbrush
  • Hair-Gel (Lapebras or something just as strong)
  • Hair Spray
  • A strong Hair Elastic
  • Big Clips
  • Small Hair Clips or pins
  • A Hairnet as close to your hair colour


1 Brush the hair out properly, so that there are no knots
2 Make a rough ponytail
*We will fix the small bumps and hairs now
3 Add hair-gel to all the hair against the head towards the elastic
4 Undo the ponytail and brush the hair to smoothen it out
5 Redo the ponytail, securely and in line with the chin and ears

6 Re-apply gel and use the comb to assure a smooth appearance
*Make sure that there are no fly-away hairs, especially above the ears and at the neck
7 Tease the ponytail with a hairbrush to create volume

8 Push all the hair into a hairnet to and shape the bun
9 Pin the bun securely to the head using the large clips
*Large pins work best when pushed away from bun and then inside
*Make sure that there are pins all around, to avoid creating weak spots where the hair might start falling out
10 Fix bubbles or imperfections with small pins
11 Finish and secure the look with hairspray
*For a more informal version, simply omit the hair-gel and spray, and even the net
*The teasing can be replaced by using a ‘bun-maker or hair-donut’