As part of our value of empowering our members, we would like to help you
learn some of the basic skill sets required for a career in dance or theater.
Therefore, we launched a series of videos on our youtube channel and this
article is based on one of these

( How to do Stage Make-up:

It is advised that the dancers start doing it on their own from the age of 10. In
the beginning it will take time to get used to it, but as time passes, it will get
easier to do it.

As women, we all love wearing make-up, as it makes us feel beautiful. When
we dance on stage, it is especially important to feel beautiful, empowered and
confident. When we have proper stage make-up on, we definitely feel more
beautiful, more empowered and more confident.

You will need:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Loose or Pressed Powder
  • Natural, Brown Eyeshadow Pallet with Gold or Glitter
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Waterproof Mascara
  • Dark and Pink Blusher or Bronzer
  • Lip Liner
  • Lipstick
  • Earbuds

To prepare:
1 Tie hair back out of face
2 Apply moisturiser

3 Apply and blend fluid foundation with hands or sponge to entire face
and under chin
4 Apply concealer under and around eyes and blend in
5 Apply loose or pressed powder under eyes

Eye make-up:
1 Apply a bright neutral eyeshadow to eyelids
2 Apply and blend a darker brown eyeshadow in the crease of eyelids
3 Using a very dark brown, create a V-shape to corners of both eyes and
4 Apply a glittery gold or bronze colour from the inside crease of eyes to
where the dark V starts and blend well
5 Apply a white colour on the inside of the eye, and blend
6 (Age 13 and up) Flatten out the eyelids and apply a thin line eyeliner to
the top of both eyelids
*Use an earbud if necessary to correct the line
7 Apply a coat of mascara to both top lashes
8 For light eyebrows, add brown eyeshadow with a wet thin brush, in
small brush strokes to define the eyebrows slightly more
9 Apply a thin line brown eyeshadow with a wet thin brush, in small
brush strokes on the outside of the bottom eyelids
10 Remove excess eyeshadow and loose powder under eyes and clean
the inside of the eyes with an earbud

The Rest of the Face:
1 Apply and blend loose or pressed powder to entire face to avoid shine
or oil
2 Apply a dark natural colour blush to highlight the cheekbone and blend
with a large blush brush or a finger
3 Apply a blush pink or bronzer to the apple of the cheeks
4 Moisturise the lips and line it with a dark, natural lipliner
5 Finish the lips with a dark, natural matt lipstick
6 Clean any residue from teeth