As part of our value of empowering our members, we would like to help you learn some of the basic skill sets required for a career in dance or theater. Therefore, we launched a series of videos on our youtube channel and this article is based on one of these ( How to Clean Ballet Shoes:

It is advised that the dancers start doing it on their own from the age of 10. In the beginning it will take time to get used to it, but as time passes, it will get easier to do it. 

When professionals dance on stage, they always dance with clean shoes, so that the audience can enjoy their performance without being distracted by the dirty shoes. We therefore encourage dancers from a very young age to clean their shoes for a performance or exam, as it can get distracting when they have dirty shoes. 


You will need:

  • Dirty Canvas/Satin Ballet Shoes
  • Aqua Pancake, with water/ Calamine lotion
  • A Small Sponge


  • To clean the inside of the shoe:

1 Wash the inside of the shoes by hand with sunlight soap. 

2 Let it dry in direct sunlight

*This, however, is not advised for leather shoes    

  • To clean the outside of the shoe:

1 Add wet pancake/calamine lotion to the sponge

*The calamine lotion will look bright pink, but it will lighten as it dries

2 Dab the sponge on the entire outer surface of the shoes

*If necessary, repeat on stubborn or tough stains

3 Dry for at least 3 hours in direct sunlight

*If necessary, this process can be repeated if there are still visible stains

*To remove any residue, a slightly wet cloth can be used to wipe the shoes