By Talitha de Klerk:

We are excited and very proud to make you aware of an incredible resource by our very own adult ballet mistress and ballet ‘technician’, Judy Loedolff.


In this online course, Judy shares her more than 30 years’ training & teaching experience in 8 short, to the point, practical videos. It highlights POSTURE, everything you need to know BEFORE you start to dance/move from feet to head, covering the anatomical basics and suggesting simple exercises to help you feel those muscles while dancing. It’s cleverly broken up into 8 videos from the feet upwards, helping the dancer/teacher focus on one aspect of technique until it is felt and mastered, before moving on to the next aspect, so as not to overwhelm them with information overload.

* Video 1 (22.57 mins) Foundations 2 Feet Deep (Feet)

* Video 2 (6.36 mins) The Bees Knees (Knees)

* Video 3 (13.35 mins) Hip Hip Hooray (Hips) 

* Video 4 (5.53) Core Crunch Time (Core)

* Video 5 (13.06mins) Wings and Other Swan Things (Shoulders/Back)

* Video 6 (9.11 mins) Charmed Arms (Arms)

* Video 7 (9.48 mins) Harmonious Hands (Hands)

* Video 8 (3.52 mins) To Crown it All (Head and Neck) 


Watch a preview here: 


Why a course on posture? Because correct posture sets the body up for correct movement, which not only prevents injuries, but also eases the movements, thereby adding to the graceful ‘easy’ quality which makes ballet so beautiful. It’s to the body while dancing, what ink is to a pen while writing. 


We encourage beginners (juniors age 11 and up or adults) or any serious students wanting to get an even better workout/results from their classes to empower themselves with this course. It’s also a wonderful resource for teachers who want fresh, creative ideas and exercises that really work, to help their students FEEL what correct technique feels like by applying the correct anatomy…

We also feel this resource is quite timely, in a time where many are taking online classes, it equips dancers with the knowledge necessary to make those online workouts safe and more effective without the oversight and continuous input of an experienced teacher. This is because it helps them know what to focus on and feel while they are doing those workouts. 


The invaluable course normally sells for R1500 (which is less than 2 months’ classes 2x week), but Judy is making it available to all ROHD Members at a 33% discount of R1000. It is available from our Shop:

OR directly from The Stage Coach Website at: 


We are also very excited for the prospect of her creating even more online resources like these, so  look out for more online resources like these to follow soon… 


Until next time, may your dancing remain a source of hope to you and those around you!